Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!!!

I got my package and my Pal got mine too.

I got: some chocolates, candies, and a candy bowl
An Apron
XXL Yarn in Halloween colors and of course a card
Also stickers ^_^.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Fantastic Boo-ty from Lil Rose Thorn

I received a terrific Boo-ty Swap package from Rosana. See pics on my blog. Inside was the cutest crocheted pumpkin you've ever seen (with clever use of snaps for eyes), a sock kitty in colors that make my heart sing, a quilting pattern, a skein of Tofuttsies, a tiny skein of baby yarn, a pencil and eraser set, stickers for the girls and Callebaut dark chocolate (oh, I have a sinful lust for Callebaut chocolate!). Thank you for being a wonderful pal, Rosana!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My cup runneth over.....

Hi all.
This is my second year participating in the Boo-ty Swap and first I want to thank Firefly for organizing such a fun time.

That being next huge thanks goes out to Robyn. Her package for me arrived today and I feel very spoiled and blessed. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the goodies.

As you can see she really outdid herself. Included in this package was candy corn socks, cookie cutters, an "I love yarn" pin, a breast cancer toe ring, a needle holder, 2 sets of bamboo DPNS, skull stitch markers, a large supply of various tea types and candy and finally a Sock kit from Robyn's own online yarn shop. The kit included both pattern and yummy yarn. I have already handed Robyn's card over to my hubby saying this would be a good place to make Christmas purchases. ;-) LOL

Once again thank so much for everything Robyn.

Friday, October 26, 2007


I received my boo-ty today! First let me say "Thank you, Nathania"
Ok on to the package...
Inside was a cut bat card, a beautiful skein of Trekking XXL in colorway 81 (very Halloween-y), the cutest little felted pumpkin which is now sitting all purty on my desk. There is also a little skull snow globe that rains bats (very cool!), three small packages of Soak in A Sent for Celebration, Flora, and Citrus, a chocolate marshmallow ghost (it was yummy), a package of assorted Halloween mellowcremes, and a package of Peeps (cocoa cats! I had no idea there were such a thing a cocoa peeps!) All packaged in a cool bag.

Thank you so much, Nathania!

Thursday, October 25, 2007


I got my package in the mail yesterday and it's so great! GI gave me a very delightful package including a bag she knit and loved (isn't it lovely when people give you things that they love? It means so much as a recipient) and fish stitch markers...very amusing to a kid who likes to go fishing with her dad! There were also a couple of skeins of KnitPicks Gossamer yarn in the Caribbean colourway that I'm contemplating patterns for as I type this, a chocolate bar that is long gone (but not forgotten), a humerous little CD, and vanilla/caramel candles that made this by far and away the best smelling package ever (one of my friends warned me not to put them near my bed because they may be missing by the time I wake up and there would be a waxy taste in my mouth...). Thanks so much, GI, it's all very awesome!

By the way, "Wicked Cool" is actually in my own personal lexicon. Just sayin'.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beware of overuse of exclamation points in the following post.

Look at this haul!

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Canadian Kit-Kats (yes, there is a difference between American and Canadian Kit-Kats and I would sell blood for these things!) Reese's cups, cochineal dyed alpaca yarn (which smells so gooooood), a colour drip candle, orange hot chocolate AND.....

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THIS GUY! I love Worm from Labyrinth!!! I spent all day rattling to my coworkers about getting a handmade Worm from Labyrinth and everyone is hyped up to see him tomorrow. Look at his little handknitted scarf! I love him!

It's official, I have the best Boo-ty Pal in the world! Thank you! You have now been written into my Christmas card list. :)


Thank-you Firefly, my Boo-ty arrived this morning :) There was a cute pumpkin bag full of candies, a sticker book, window clings, a skein of Patons Wool in Harvest, a towel with a ghost on it too cute!! and 2 candles, thanks so much :) I love it all!!

Trick or TREATS!!!!

I got my boo-ty and what a cornucopia of fun stuff, I can't believe how much fit into one padded mailer!

I received: a small notebook, pumpkin pen that lights up when you write, 2 skeins Bernat bamboo, cookie cutters, cookie recipe, fall napkins, #10 circular needles, Lavender bath/body oils, a yummy dark Laura Secord chocolate bar ( I actually drove past the Laura Secord homestead 2 weeks ago), "diet" chocolate sticks(not really diet but only 60 calories/stick), a make a bat kit, a festive scarf, and on the card is a pin with a demonic looking sock monkey who's eye's flash red!

Thank you so much Jamie, I can't wait to see what everyone else gets!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What an absolutely gorgeous box! I received a pumpkin cup (perfect for my morning coffee), hand-dyed sock yarn, a beautiful scarf, body splash, interweave knits magazine and chocolate! What more could a person are the "bestest!". Thank you so much! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Has anyone received their Boo-ty yet?

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hope you are all having a lovely October, the weather here has been amazing and it will be a shock when it turns cold. Just wanted to remind everyone that Monday is October 15 and therefore packages are due to be mailed out. if for any reason you are going to be able sending out your package please let me/your buddy know so that there isn't anyone lost in the shuffle. last year we only had 2 packages "mysteriously disappear" so let's try and make it a "no package left behind" kind of a swap.

If you are mailing your package within the US I would recommend getting delivery confirmation ($0.50) so that if anything goes wrong there is a record of the package being sent and if/when it was received.

Happy Swapping and I look forward to seeing what everyone gets!