Thursday, November 6, 2008

Look at the Great Things I Got!

Yes, I know. This post is very late. In an attempt to do everything, I have managed, in the past few weeks, to accomplish next to nothing. So here's my "What took you so long?" Boo-ty Swap post.

Check out the great things I got from Rosanna. I am so loving the pumpkin (I have no clue how to crochet, so I stare at it in complete awe) and the cake pin cushion. I don't know how she knew, but I have been wanted a felt dessert for a very long time. Talk about being in Boo-ty heaven. And just when I thought my package couldn't get any better, I saw the fabric. Wonderful, earth-toned fabric. It is so beautiful that I don't want to use it -- I just like to look at it. I really love the packaging.

And the piece de resistance, the item that she bought for me -- Coke Bottle Salt & Pepper Shakers! Let me explain, I collect S&Ps -- the more original, the better, and these, well they definitely fill that bill. They are the coolest S&Ps ever -- they immediately moved to the front of the display in my kitchen so I can see them whenever I am in there. Love, love, love them!

So thank you Rosanna, so very very much!
P.S. I also got Halloween candy, but it's not in the picture because I ate it while opening my package. It was really tasty!!

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