Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beware of overuse of exclamation points in the following post.

Look at this haul!

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Canadian Kit-Kats (yes, there is a difference between American and Canadian Kit-Kats and I would sell blood for these things!) Reese's cups, cochineal dyed alpaca yarn (which smells so gooooood), a colour drip candle, orange hot chocolate AND.....

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THIS GUY! I love Worm from Labyrinth!!! I spent all day rattling to my coworkers about getting a handmade Worm from Labyrinth and everyone is hyped up to see him tomorrow. Look at his little handknitted scarf! I love him!

It's official, I have the best Boo-ty Pal in the world! Thank you! You have now been written into my Christmas card list. :)

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